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tlug: "Andrew S. Howell": Japanese Email in emacs

tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>

I don't think this made it to the list the last time. If it did, I


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Subject: Japanese Email in emacs
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 11:46:54 JST
From: "Andrew S. Howell" <>

Can anyone recomend an email package to use with emacs that supports
Japanese and Mime?

I been using mh-mail and its companion in emacs for a long time. It is
suppposed to work with Japanese (patched), but I've gotten it to
work. At any rate, mh-mail has a number of weak points:

	File-per-message wastes disk space
	Very slow when folder contain 100+ messages
	Can't see at a glance, number of unread messages in a folder

For emaces, I've been using 19.33g mule. I've been waiting 20 to come
out, which includes mule support. 

Whatever route I go, I want something text based, as I login from home
a lot to read mail. Although, if I had IMAP capable mail agent, I
guess I could download my messages to home. I'm not too sure how this
works. Anyone have experience with IMAP? I seem to remember seeing
something on it here....



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