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Re: tlug: Is anybody out there?

tlug note from Jason Molenda <>
> Is the tlug list still working? The last message I have is from April
> 24th. I know its golden week, but someone must still be here...

Golden week?  Golden futsuka is more like it. :-)

Has everyone seen the image manipulation program called "gimp"?  It's
damn cool.  They're about to come out with a 1.0 release (they're at
0.99.9 right now:-), it's by far the best image manip program I've seen
on Unix, free or not.  I haven't had time to play with it much, but a
co-worker in California was showing off an earlier beta when I was over
there and it's WICKED COOL.

For a little geeky excitement over your golden futsuka.  (the current
beta is in /pub/gimp/developers/)

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