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Re: tlug: kterm query

tlug note from Craig Oda <>
On Sat, 26 Apr 1997, Jim Schweizer wrote:

> I do have a small puzzle though. kterm seems to read Email with
> charset=iso-2022-jp okay but it garbles the Nihongo web pages my
> MS box puts out (SJIS?).

Press the middle mouse button while holding down the 
shift key.  Select shift-jis code.  You may have to
run it through a filter to convert the line returns of MSDOS
into unix carriage returns.


Subject: telnetd

on a different subject, I'm having problems logging in with
telnet from a Sun box running Solaris into a Linux machine.
I get a Connection closed by foreign host error when connecting
from Sun to Linux.  I can log into Linux from Linux or another
machine.  I can also login from Sun to other UNIX boxes.  
Is there some configuration file that identifies the Sun?
Another interesting thing is that I can rlogin from Sun
into Linux.  I can also use the Sun as a X server for
everything except Netscape.


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