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Re: tlug: sed ?

tlug note from Jim Schweizer <>
Hi all,

On 23-Apr-97 Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
>    Jim> jim:~/bin$ cat gres
>Hmmmm...  where's your magic shell interpreter thingie?  Try

I tried that and (as you say) no joy. I tried running gres from
both bash and csh - no joy. Tried changing #!/bin/sh to
#!/bin/csh and got:

if: Expression Syntax.

Tried changing A="'echo | tr '\012' '\001' '" to
A="`echo | tr '\012' '\001'`" with 

sed -e "s^Apattern^Areplacement^A" $file 

and ran it under both bash and csh with and without the magic
shell interpreter thingie- again no joy. (Strange, XFMail is
showing ' and ` as the same?)

>It's not sed that's different, it's the shell.  Our Suns run
>csh by preference, maybe this is a csh-ism.

Oh well, on to chapter 4...


Jim S.

Sent by: Jim Schweizer <>
On: 23-Apr-97 at: 17:11:28 JST
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