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Re: tlug: Linux journal (J)

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "Anil" == Anil  <> writes:

    Anil> I was at the CISCO wave conference today in Shinjuku.  Lots
    Anil> of net-talk and tutorials for 3 days. While I was in
    Anil> Shinjuku I checked out the new Kinokunia and found Linux
    Anil> journal in Japanese!  Much thicker than the English version
    Anil> (Japanese read more quickly than us gaijins :-) It was not

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if it's a comic strip

Or an ad:  I'm not going to count pages, but ASCII's last page seems
to be about 725, with editorial content running pp. 360-675, ie, 70%
full-page advertisements!

And never a specification in sight....  Just good-looking ladies and
shiny compact disks.

Are there any serious Japanese computer magazines?  You know, the kind 
that maintain a relationship with a lab that runs benchmarks or fill
their pages with code?

    Anil> tucked away in a small corner, but placed very prominantly
    Anil> on 2 big shelves...

Is there any relation to the real Linux Journal?  Nikkei Byte has
nothing to do with Peterborough, NH, for example.

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