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Re: tlug: MILO problem

tlug note from "Yuri F. Anissimov" <>
>    It looks as though MILO uses the variable BOOT_STRING to pass
>    arguments to the kernel. At a guess, I would say something
>    like "setenv BOOT_STRING single" at the MILO> prompt should
>    work.
Thank you, John. 
MILO> boot sda1:vmlinux.gz root=/dev/sda1 single
brought me to bash!
However, not in a single-user mode I am getting as much as:

Entering level:3
starting syslogd klogd 
.........crond portmap inetd lpd named 
Starting NFS services: rpc.mountd rpc.nfsd

and that is it.

Installation is "everything"
Net card - 3COM III - 3C509B  - I know this one had some problem with x86
Solaris, but there no mention of touble in Linux Howto.
Do you have any ideas what to do except for killing all network relates
An attempt to rebuld kernel
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