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Re: tlug: Problem Tracking Software

tlug note from Jason Molenda <>
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> tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
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> Can anyone recommend a "software problem tracking" solution for the
> Linux platform?  

Check out GNATS.  We wrote it here at Cygnus Solutions for our own
internal use and released it as an FSF package under a GPL copyright.
The version on (v3.2 i think) is, uh, kind of rough.
Check out the release over in 
(or something like that).  Someone has contributed some WWW interfaces
to it, although we don't use those here.

We use it to track all of the bugs against the software we support.
We've got maybe 11,000 or 12,000 problem reports in our database
(accumulated over 8 years) and it's still going.  We're pushing the
usefulness of this style of database (individual files in on a unix
filesystem), we'll probably have to move to some RDMS system in the

I think there is one or two other bug-tracking packages out there,
I've never seen anything that would fit our needs better so I don't
know much about them.

Nihon Cygnus Solutions
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