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Re: tlug: Red Hat Alpha

tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>
>>>>> "Yuri" == Yuri F Anissimov <> writes:

    Yuri> remember that somebody used Linux on Alpha. I cannot install
    Yuri> Red Hat 4.1 for some reasons after the first reboot it takes
    Yuri> forever to load daemons and services - about 10 minutes to
    Yuri> load sendmail and for the last 20 minutes system is trying
    Yuri> to determine ServerName. It can't be normal for 433 MHz
    Yuri> Alpha with 64 Mb of RAM. The same thing happening with the
    Yuri> second machine (NT runs perfectly on both of
    Yuri> them). Configuration is plain vanilla - NCR SCSI, IBM 2Gb
    Yuri> SCSI, SCSI CDROM and 3COMIII, S3 adapter.  What did I did
    Yuri> wrong in my life?  Yuri

I had a problem with sendmail on sparc as well. In the end I just
disabled it. As I remember, the machine went out into
never-never-land, trying to do a dns lookup, I think. Knock sendmail
on the head, and you may be ok...


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