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tlug: majordomo & sendmail

tlug note from "A.Tomita,Jr." <>

I'm trying to install majordomo-1.94.1 in a Linux machine
(RedHat 3.0, JE 0.9.8a, kernel 2.0.29), but got the
following error when executing ./wrapper config-test:

Good: found okay.
/(^|([^\\"]|\\.)+)"([^\\"]|\\.|$)*"?/: regexp *+ operand could be empty at line 519, <_GEN_3> line 1.

I followed the instructions in the INSTALL file, created the majordom user,
registered in the daemon group. Did I forget something? Could it be due to
the fact I'm using jperl (This is jperl, version 4.036 + 1.4(EUC) Oct 31 1993)
instead of perl?
I'm also having some problems with sendmail. First, my username has
uppercase and lowercase letters mixed (Alberto). There is a flag for the
local mailer to do the conversion, but it didn't work. The solution was
to create an alias mapping <Alberto> to <alberto>, and it was working fine
in the Sun. However, when I moved the mail server to this Linux machine, I got:

	procmail: Unknown user "alberto"
	550 Alberto... User unknown

Another problem is when sending a message to local users:

	sendmail[17384]: CAA17383: to=<sajed>,<ryuichi>,Alberto,<kengo>,
        <iwasaki>,<goro>, delay=00:04:42, xdelay=00:04:41, mailer=local, 
        stat=Can't create output: Error 0

        sendmail[17384]: CAA17383: CAA17384: DSN: Can't create output: Error 0

If anybody could give me any hint, I would be thankful.
Alberto Tomita, Jr.      
Yokohama National University       e-mail:

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