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tlug: Tcl/Tk + sed (was bash?)

tlug note from Jim Schweizer <>
Hi all,

Just thought I'd pass along this quick hack into Tcl/Tk I did for
the earlier bash question - not too useful but it was fun...

#! /usr/bin/wish -f

# Create a label widget, named .l
label .l -text "Filename:"
# Create an entry widget, named .e
entry .e -relief sunken -width 30 -textvariable fname

# Place the two widgets into the application window
pack .l -side left
pack .e -side left -padx 1m -pady 1m

# When the return key is pressed in the entry widget, run
# mail-strip | lpr
bind .e <Return> { 
exec sed -e "1,/^$/d" $fname | lpr 

Has anyone been able to recompile Python to work with Tcl? If
you have I'd love to ask some questions.


Jim S.

Sent by: Jim Schweizer <>
On: 27-Mar-97 at: 20:05:21 JST
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