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Re: tlug: CDRom Writers

tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
joem <> writes:

> Does anyone have any experience with CDRom Writers and Linux?

I have successfully used the Ricoh 1060 and the Creative 4220
with Linux.  I generated images with mkisofs and then burned
them with cdwrite.  In each case I had to add the appropriate
command set to cdwrite, since the CD-RW command set was slow
to be codified into a unified MMC set.

> Are there any limitations in copying existing CDRoms like PhotoCD's
> or M$ software? 

The version of cdwrite that I am using does not support creating
multi-session discs, although I've read an announcement of a newer
release that does.  I just haven't been interested enough to find
out how hard it will be to merge my changes for the command sets
supported by the drives I have.

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo

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