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tlug: kinput2 and mule

tlug note from "C. Oda" <>

I've been experimenting with different front end processors.  I like
kinput2 due to the popup kanji menu that I can use to select kanji.
Paul Gampe showed me how to get kinput2 to send kanji to a mule session
in a kterm. (I've added the .emacs file to my linux-nihongo doc).  
I can also use kinput2 with vi, xjdic, and most things that run in
a kterm.  This is good.  

However, since mule has some nice X capabilities, I thought it would be
interesting to have kinput2 input Japanese under mule X.   Sometimes
I like to use the mouse to click a window or a frame.   What I've found is
that kinput2 works with these protocols:

		    kinput protocol
                    kinput2 protocol
                    Matsushita jinput protocol
                    Sony xlc protocol
                    XIMP protocol
                    X Input Method Protocol (X Consortium standard)

I remember that Steve Turnbull had this same problem.  However, at the
time I was just getting used to Japanese input with the patched mule

What I want is a consistent front end processor across all applications.
It is getting a little tedious to use uum for xjdic and jvim, mule for
e-mail, and kinput2 when I feel in the mood.  


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