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tlug: Red Hat CD-ROMs and manual

tlug note from "C. Oda" <>
I did a shipment of CD-ROMS and manuals out this morning.  Costs
vary depending on the distance from the TWICS office.  Average cost
for COD is coming in around 630 yen for Tokyo.  I ran into a 
snag.  I'm using a seperate box for TLUG e-mail.  The first
6 people that sent me personal e-mail got shipped out.  There
were some people that posted to the list and I didn't see
this until I read the digest this morning.  I'm trying to
sort this out.  Steve Turnbull reserved a copy for Jim Breen if
Jim wants it.  

Basically, if I go through the TLUG postings and the personal
mail I received this morning, there are no software or manuals

Anyway, for those that receive it, 3 gigs of data connected to
your Linux box should be fun.  


"Knowledge is the air and light of civilization.  Transform it and you
transform all else."
Craig Oda	
TWICS - Japan's First Public-Access Internet System, 
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