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tlug: Re:

tlug note from pal <>
I recommend ncftp
I download up to 17MB files every week (work)
ncftp can start from where-ever the ftp failed
Also it has bookmarks . Pretty Good I think


> --------------------------------------------------------
> tlug note from Jim Schweizer <>
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Hi all,
> Having finished grading all the papers and exams - I'm FREE to
> hack Linux for a month:-)
> I never had the time to play around with xfm until today. What a
> kick!
> In the ~/.xfm directory you can customize all the applications I
> just did this to the Hosts file:
> #XFM
> FTP xterm -T 'FTP' -e
> ftp
> FTP TWICS:::terminal.xpm:exec xterm -T 'FTP Twics' -bg black -fg
> yellow -ls -fn 10x20 -e ftp
> FTP Harenet:::terminal.xpm:exec xterm -T 'FTP Harenet' -bg black
> -fg yellow -ls -fn 10x20 -e ftp
> Telnet Harenet:::rlogin.xpm:exec xterm -T 'Telnet Harenet' -bg
> black -fg yellow -ls -fn 10x20 -e telnet
> Telnet Asahi-net:::rlogin.xpm:exec xterm -T 'Telnet Asahi-net'
> -bg black -fg yellow -ls -fn 10x20 -e telnet
> Ping Harenet:::term.xpm:exec xterm -T 'PING Harenet' -e ping
> Ping TWICS:::term.xpm:exec xterm -T 'PING TWICS' -e ping
> I suppose I'll go add TSX-11, Sunsite, and GNU. This is fun:-)
> Jim S.
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