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Re: tlug: :Serial Port configuration

tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
Venkatesh RAGHAVAN <> writes:

> I am trying to use a digitizer on my linux
> machine. Can someone tell me where I can
> find some info about comfiguring the serial
> port.

Try 'man setserial'.  setserial is a utility that is used to control
a variety of configuration options on the serial ports, from IRQ selection
to setting the base baud rate for high baud rate divisors.  IN MOST CASES
for com1/com2 (aka ttyS0 and ttyS1) you will not need to do anything special
(or your Linux configuration may already be doing any necessary configuration
during initialization).

You can set the baud rate with the "stty" command... but even this is
probably not necessary, as I suspect the application you are trying
to use will set the baud rate to whatever your scanner expects.

So, you may not need to do any extra "configuring" for your COM1 port.

> I have connected the digitizer to the
> com1 port and my digitizer works under
> ms-dos. I have a linux digitizing software
> but the manual only says that I should
> edit the /etc/ttys and /edit/inittab
> files to maket sure that no programs
> (e.g.) getty or init) are listining
> to the com1 port. I am not sure how to do
> this.

COM1 == ttyS0 (and cua0) in the typical Linux configuration

Edit /etc/inittab to make sure there is no active line referencing either
ttyS0 or cua0.  You can comment out lines by preceeding them with a '#'.
This prevents init from starting a process to look for logins on that
port (and potentially fighting for characters with your scanning application).
(Do "kill -1 1" after making any chages to the /etc/inittab file.)

Point your application at /dev/ttyS0 and you could well be all set to go.
Or not.
Jim Tittsler, Tokyo

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