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Re: tlug: Xsun vs startx

tlug note from (John Little)
% Hmm, I'm not sure why this is happening, but if I try to start X with 
% Xsun as shown on the SparcLinux homepage it locks up but if I start 
% X with startx it comes up fine. It looks a little strange to me in 
% black and white, but whoever set up the .Xdefaults and .fvwmrc files 
% did a great job! It's going to take me hours to figure out how it did 
% this....or am I seeing the RedHat installation defaults?


   As a general rule, take the SPARC/Linux home page with a grain of 
   salt. The information on the Red Hat errata page is much more up
   to date and more applicable to your machine.

   ...and yes, the basic X setup  is the Red Hat default for root. If
   you create a new user you'll find that startx will come up with
   a vanilla window-manager setup, rather than the fvtwm-95 "enhanced"
   version. It'll start a lot quicker, too.

   For the SLC/ELC systems, people might want to put an "xsetroot
   -grey" somewhere in the default initialization files. I find
   black-on-black a little hard to handle. :-)


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