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Re: tlug: SparcLinux

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Schweizer <> writes:

    Jim> I can't seem to get it to boot. There is just an endless
    Jim> cascade of ARP/RARP send failed messages and it never gets to
    Jim> a login. I've never work on a Sun before so I'm probably not
    Jim> doing something I'm supposed to, but what?

Nobody else really knew either, except John :-)  Apparently your PROM
monitor (sort of the BIOS-equivalent) is not set for maximum

(1) At the upper left of the keyboard there is a function key labeled
    "stop" or "L1".  Press that and the "A" key simultaneously to
    interrupt the boot process.
(2) At this point there is a prompt, I don't remember exactly what;
    press "n" to get a new command line.  It should respond with
    "boot:" or maybe "> ".
(3) Type "boot disk" or "boot disk3".

If this doesn't work, just wait until John comes online again to give
the correct instructions.  :-P

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