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tlug: Re: Yggdrasil Winter '97 Archives

tlug note from (John Little)

[ For TLUG folks... I "lost" disk-7 from my Yggdrasil set and asked ]
[ Jim if my CDs and his had gotten mixed up at the install-fest...  ]

% [Jim]
% Not guilty.  I seem to have one of each.  (Didn't Joe Marchak say 
% something about one batch of Yggdrasil discs being defective?  Did
% you ever have a disc 7?  :-)

   Mystery solved... A couple of weeks ago I bought a CD case with 
   soft paper lined pouches for 12 CD-ROMs. I transferred all of my
   CDs to that case, including the Yggdrasil ones. There's a "v"
   shaped slice in the front of the pouch so you can see what you're
   grabbing. I had all of the CDs rotated in the pouch so that the
   contents of the CD were displayed, not the disk numbers.

   It turns out that the *other* bug with the Yggdrasil set is that
   the contents label is wrong on disk-7. It has disk-2's contents
   label, even though the disk number is "7". I just loaded disk-7
   and confirmed that the contents are the Red Hat 386 release and
   *not* what it says on the label.

   It's *still* great value for money, though.  :-)


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