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tlug: Corel Office Java

tlug note from "C. Oda" <>
Surprisingly Corel Office Java works fine under linux with no
modifications.  Wow, what an applet.  Amazing that it works.

I can save files under an appletviewer and open them.  I don't know
how to imbed inline images into a WordPerfect document and I'm not
sure if Quattro can graph a selected area of numbers the way that
Excel can do it.  If any knows how to do this, let me know.

I also got it to work under Netscape.  I couldn't save the file
though.  The menu items at the top of the Netscape window might be
confusing for novice users.

Office suite takes up huge amounts of RAM (I have 32meg) and is a 
little sluggish on a Pentium 166mhz.  I'm curious as to how the
various network computer strategies propose to solve these problems.
I know there is a the java chip planned.  However, that is some time
in the future.  Is there any strategy to get an Office suite like
COJ working on a machine with say 8 megs of RAM?


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