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Re: tlug: Parallel Port Ethernet Adapter Source?

tlug note from (John Little)
% Huh?  I thought avoiding that kinda dreck was what PCMCIA (and
% standards in general) were all about.  How "old" is this Dynabook?
% Oh, I see, you DON'T have a PCMCIA slot, you have a JEIDA slot!

  This is the first time I've even heard of "JEIDA" (weren't they the
  good guys in Star Wars??).

  The Dynabook is an ancient 386, but the compatability list on the
  back of the PCMCIA card box did specifically mention "Dynabook",
  otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. Ever been had, huh! Anyone
  need a TDK PCMCIA card? Linux compatible (according to the Linux
  PCMCIA notes).


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