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Re: tlug: Looking for Meeting place for Saturday Meeting

tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>
>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Tittsler <> writes:

    Jim> -------------------------------------------------------- tlug
    Jim> note from Jim Tittsler <>
    Jim> --------------------------------------------------------
    Jim> (John Little) writes:

    >> Yes, I have the Red Hat SPARC CD-ROM and the Internet-Archives
    >> CD-ROM.  The Red Hat one is bootable. The Archives one is not.

    Jim> It is worth noting that the version of the kernel in the
    Jim> RedHat 4.0 distribution is less than ideal.  You probably
    Jim> don't want to use it any longer than is necessary to get a
    Jim> new one from  The 2.0.18 kernel distributed
    Jim> by RedHat bombs on unaligned accesses on Sun4c machines,
    Jim> something that is easily triggered if there are IPX packets
    Jim> on your network.

    Jim> I could bring along a SCSI drive with all of the latest
    Jim> updates if desired.  Of course, if you have a net
    Jim> connection...

If anyone wants to suggest a kernel to download, I'll be glad to grab
it so we're ready to go before the meeting...

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