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Re: tlug: Linux and Japanese

tlug note from Yong-Ming Hua <>
Hi, it is Yong-Ming Hua from Tamagawa Uni.
I joined the tlug a few days ago. May I add something to the present

turnbull>All you want is Japanese email with a GUI mailer?  I got the
turnbull>impression from Craig's mail that you were looking for a general
turnbull>solution for *all* apps.
turnbull>    john> thinking, and I think I've figured out a better way of doing
turnbull>    john> this.  But, I need you to help me on one thing.  I cannot
turnbull>    john> figure out how to get the backspace and delete keys to work
turnbull>    john> in Kterm while using JVIM. Therefore deleting a character
turnbull>    john> becomes impossible in JVIM. Ouch.  Also, I think that Kterm
turnbull>    john> sets the keyboard a bit funny since the @ key doesn't work
turnbull>    john> either, in fact it sends a carriage return.  If I can fix
turnbull>    john> both of these I think my theory will work.
turnbull>Kterm doesn't do anything to the keyboard, as far as I know.  But look
turnbull>in your app-defaults files (start with ~/.Xresources and the like,
turnbull>then /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/kterm) to make sure.  If kterm is
turnbull>doing anything funny, it will probably be in a resource labelled
turnbull>vt100*translations.  More likely it's been inherited from something
turnbull>else you did to your keyboard.  However it could be that you have a
turnbull>patched kterm for use with a Japanese keyboard.  (That's the wrong way
turnbull>to deal with the problem, but some people write programs like that
turnbull>anyway.)  Also look in all your startup files (.xsession, .xinitrc,
turnbull>and the system versions) for xmodmap.

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