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tlug: Re: uphill battle

tlug note from "C. Oda" <>
On Sat, 25 Jan 1997 wrote:

jyon>	I read your webpage on Linux + Nihongo (it should have an  = 
jyon>mendokusai ) :)  .. but I was wondering if you know anyway to enter Japanese
jyon>(of course with WNN/canna and kinput/2 running) into applications in X?
jyon>I had it working at one time in Xedit and I'm sure it can be done in others..
jyon>I'm just not sure how-to... Do you have any ideas?

I'm forwarding this to the TLUG list as well.  Stephen Turnbull was
talking about using Xim.  I've never tried to get it to work, so I can't
comment on it.

When you had it working under Xedit, did you have Motif installed or did
you use kinput2?

-- Craig

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