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Re: Used Suns

In article <>,
Craig Oda <> wrote:
>While on the subject of Suns, does anyone know where I can get
>a used Sun workstation?

Amulet has two offices in Akihabara.  The one in the rounded
building behind Softmap Chicago (with the Crown HP shop in 1F/B1)
has used Sun/Next machines... but definitely not bargain prices.
A nice show room out the street that sticks out from Laox Computer
Kan has new equipment... at Japanese prices.

There was a shop next to the T-Zone Outlet Store that had a huge
selection of old Suns at more reasonable prices crammed into a
small shop.  Unfortunately, it seems to have closed, and there is
no new address posted.

You will find better deals watching or catching the
occasional electronics/ham radio flea market (I don't know of
one until Spring however).
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