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Re: Debian/Laptops n'stuff

% One thing to be really careful is to
% make sure that there are no errors on your floppy disk.  Make sure
% that you low level format *and* verify each floppy disk before
% attempting a dd.  The extra few minutes is definitely worth it.

  No, it's not the media. I had reformatted and used a different
  floppy, just to make sure. It seems that even if I use a boot
  argument like "root=/dev/fd0h1200" to try and force the issue, the
  system still tries to use fd0h1440. Anyway, it's no big thing. The
  system already has RedHat loaded, I just wanted to play with Debian
  1.2 and then repartition. It can wait.

  Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.


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