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Re: Old 386s, Solaris x86, SCO, NT

%     John>    Oh, I don't know. One of the things that brought me back
%     John> to Linux (apart from a free supply of old 386s :-) ) is that
% oooh, tell me more....  :-)

   Very briefly, if anyone needs a bottom end (386 16MHZ) system for
   Linux experimentation (I do *not* use DOS/Windoze, so the disk will
   be clean otherwise), please contact me.

% I really can't tell the difference, at least not between Linux and
% SunOS 4.1.3-JLE.  Except for the fact that everything I haven't
% customized wants to speak Japanese....  Of course that could be _why_
% I can't tell the difference ;-)

   Well, Solaris is in some respects even closer. With SunOS you need
   to rebuild the kernel for just about everything. Solaris has loadable
   modules (sounds familiar!). SunOS is a.out; Solaris is ELF. SunOS
   has /etc/rc; Solaris has /etc/init.d and rc.d directories. Solaris
   has a /proc filesystem (although it's not nearly as neat as the Linux
   version). Solaris is mostly POSIX compliant.

% So, what _is_ the difference?

   As you can see from the above, I believe that Linux and Solaris
   are now more similar than Linux and SunOS in many ways.

   However, specific to printing, Solaris uses the dreaded lpNet and
   lpsched rather than BSD's lpd. Having more than a trivial number of
   printers to handle (here at work we have hundreds) causes the SVR4
   printer processes to go out to (a long) lunch. Different commands
   use different options to specify standard arguments (now let's see,
   is it "-p", "-P" or "-d" to specify the printer?). Yuk!


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