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Re: Solaris x86, SCO, NT

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, Stephen P. Casmar wrote:

scasmar>No Solaris x86, but I am sending off for the SCO Unix, to play
scasmar>around with. 

I'm not sure if I'm really game to admit this on this list, but I quite
like SCO Unix.  In fact after graduating, I used SCO Unix on a PC pretty
much exclusively before coming to Japan.  

I've been to SCO's headquarters in Santa Cruz and hung out with a few
ex-programmers from there.  They were a very cool bunch of people, now
running the IUMA (Internet Underground Music Association) Site.  If you
require commericial support for a PC based unix solution I'd recommend it.

Their training is also pretty good, I've done the Advanced Certified
Engineer course and was impressed with the networking section.  The
internet wasn't really taking off in Australia when I did it, but it sure
has been great grounding for now !!.


scasmar>Steve Casmar
scasmar>At 01:22 AM 12/17/96 +0900, C. Oda wrote:
scasmar>>I just went down to Plat Home and picked up NT 4.0 J for 39,000 yen
scasmar>>for someone in the office.  I also looked at Solaris x86 for
scasmar>>24,800 yen, but didn't buy it.  There was dual Power PC processor
scasmar>>Be Box there ripping away.  I played around with the shell.  It
scasmar>>looks pretty UNIX-like under that nice GUI.  There was also
scasmar>>a 433 mhz Alpha machine there and a real nice dual-processor
scasmar>>Pentium Pro board from Asus there.   Pentium Pro 200 mhz
scasmar>>chips were 98,000 yen each.  There was also the RedHat Sparc
scasmar>>CD-ROM for 6,000 yen.  
scasmar>>I came home and ripped open the package for the January Linux 
scasmar>>Journal and read an article on Free SCO OpenServer.  This is
scasmar>>amazing that SCO is giving away their product.  
scasmar>>I'm pretty happy with Linux on Intel hardware.  Though, I
scasmar>>realize that there are a lot of options available.  Free
scasmar>>SCO OpenServer and Solaris x86 look interesting, but I
scasmar>>wonder if I'll get bored of using a commercial operating
scasmar>>system after a while.    
scasmar>>This kind of reflects on my hobbyist interest in Linux.   In
scasmar>>the January version of LJ on page 24 there was a cool article
scasmar>>on making Linux bootable from EPROM.  This is a cool use of
scasmar>>Linux in an embedded system with no hard disk that can withstand
scasmar>>power interruptions.  
scasmar>>Well, back to my question.  Does anyone have any experience
scasmar>>with Solaris x86?  Is it worth buying to play with?
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