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Re: lpr [Q]

%     Craig> [ /root]# lpc status myprinter
%     Craig> myprinter:
%     Craig>         queuing is enabled
%     Craig>         printing is enabled
%     Craig>         1 entry in spool area
%     Craig>         no daemon present
% This is normal:  at least on my box.  lp[rcq] does not behave like the 
% man page says it should.  I can only find the daemon via 'ps'.  Or by
% printing....

   Mmmm... I have to disagree with Steven on this one. The default
   *idle* state will show no daemon, as the parent lpd process spawns
   children to process queue entries. As there's an entry shown in
   Craig's queue there should be a (child) daemon process running to
   deal with it.

   Craig, try killing off the parent process and restarting it under
   strace to make sure that it can read the printcap file correctly and
   isn't choking before spawning a child (it should spawn a child at 
   startup for every printer in the printcap file; the children will
   die off straight away if there's nothing in the queue).

   You might want to try using the "-f" argument to strace to see
   what those child processes are up to.

   I'm fairly sure that if lpd is in deep trouble that it would log
   the problem somewhere. Make sure you haven't overlooked a log file
   under /var somewhere.


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