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Re: 1st post to the TLUG message board

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Schweizer <> writes:

    Jim> We had the first post to the TLUG message board today:


    Jim> I have a scsi cdrom drive that connected to the 
    Jim> soundblaster 16.

Jim!  Are you recycling your old messages just to get some text on the
message board?  This sounds awf'ly familiar :-)

You're the expert on this one.

Send the poor sod your working kernel.  That should get him started at 
least.  Seriously, tell him which one you used to boot slackware.
That's all he needs.

The only complication is that the SB SCSI drivers tend to interfere with
other devices, because the SB IO ports don't live in the usual SCSI
place.  He may need to try different distributions, or use the
ioport=0x340 (or whatever, I'm not an expert on the SB LILO options)
command when booting at LILO.

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