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fvwm2 desktop management hint

If you're using fvwm2 to manage your desktop, you may have wondered
how to get new Emacs or Netscape windows to pop up on a different
desktop.  You can always use the window creation latency, and issue
the "new frame" command with your mouse poised over the pager, but
this is a bit mendokusai.  And what if you've switched desktops to do
some email, and then issued a few complex commands in an xterm on that 
desktop, then realize they actually apply to the app on another
desktop?  You'd like to move that xterm over to the other desktop.

Here's how I do it.  In .fvwm2rc there's a Window-Ops menu
declaration.  There's a "WindowsDesk" primitive that does almost
exactly what you want (you'd actually like to be able to drag-n-drop
on the pager, but I don't think this works), and here's how I
implement it.  As far as I know, WindowsDesk doesn't know about
desktop names, only numbers, and those numbers start from 0.

Here's my Window-Ops menu:

AddToMenu Window-Ops	"Window Ops"	Title		
+			"Move"		Move-or-Raise2
+			"Resize"	Resize-or-Raise2
+			"Raise"		Raise
+			"Lower"		Lower 
+		 	"(De)Iconify"	Iconify
+			"(Un)Stick"	Stick		
+			"(Un)Maximize"	maximize_func
+			""		Nop  
+			"Delete"	Delete	 
+			"Close"		Close	 
+			"Destroy"	Destroy
+			""		Nop		
+			"New desk (Mail)" WindowsDesk 0
+			"New desk (Course)" WindowsDesk 1
+			"New desk (Nantoka)" WindowsDesk 2
+			"New desk (Kantoka)" WindowsDesk 3
+			""		Nop		
+			"Refresh Screen" Refresh		

Bon appetit.


                            Stephen J. Turnbull
Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences                    Yaseppochi-Gumi
University of Tsukuba            
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