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Subject: Re: GhostScript 4.03 and Kanji 
In-reply-to: Your message of "Sat, 30 Nov 1996 21:29:16 +0900."


> Does anyone know why my Wadalab-mincho-0-8-EUC is failing
> and being replaced by a Times-Roman that just does not
> cut it in Japanese?

I figured this out myself. As Andrew mentioned earlier, I had to
perform the following change in

% /Wadalab-mincho-0-12 CompNF
% /Wadalab-mincho-0-12 VCompNF
% /Wadalab-mincho-0-12 CompSJNF
% /Wadalab-mincho-0-12 CompEUCNF

/Wadalab-mincho-0-8 CompNF
/Wadalab-mincho-0-8 VCompNF
/Wadalab-mincho-0-8 CompSJNF
/Wadalab-mincho-0-8 CompEUCNF

However, I still have a problem.  
After I got gs to display nihongo, I started to work on using
gs as a filter, so I had to get lpd up.  When I try to print
now, it tells me that my printer is not ready:

[ craig]$ ls |lpr -Pmyprinter
[ craig]$ lpq -Pmyprinter
waiting for myprinter to become ready (offline ?)
Rank   Owner      Job  Files                                 Total Size
1st    root       12   (standard input)                      114 bytes
2nd    craig      13   (standard input)                      270 bytes
[ craig]$ 

I have the printer connected to the parallel port.  However, to test
it out, I have the output going into a file in /tmp/

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