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Re: (fwd) Toshiba Announces DVD Video And ROM Players 09/27/96

A recent article in the Economist suggests that very soon a
commercially viable blue or ultraviolet laser will be available.  This
means that densities at least 4 times greater than DVD will be
available, possibly hitting Akihabara within 2-3 years.  I think I can
wait, since that should kill DVD-ROM instantly---it will be cheaper
faster denser and more reliable.  As far as I can tell, today many
multi-CD-ROM sets could be fit onto one CD-ROM, but they have several
distributions, archives and live file systems.  This makes sense to
spread across several disks.  You also see lots of CD-ROMs with 100MB
on them.

If the DVD media takes off and lots of titles are published, of course 
I'll get one.  But I don't need to be first in line for a technology
that is currently both obsolete and unnecessary.  :-)  By the way, I
have never rented a video in my life, so I don't need DVD for the "V"
either.  :-)

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