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Re: TLUG meeting

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen P Casmar <> writes:

    Stephen> Actually, I too would prefer a weeknight meeting with
    Stephen> Saturday being second choice -- Sunday is a very hard day
    Stephen> for me to attend.

    Stephen> Steve Casmar

    Stephen> At 09:22 PM 9/17/96 +0900, Anil wrote:
    >> I would much rather have a weekday evening meeting, and I would
    >> even be willing to host it regularly at Temple University Japan
    >> (between Hiroo/ Tamachi). Temple has 20 pcs and 20 macs

Well, if I leave Tsukuba at 6 I'll probably get to the meeting site at
8:30--9:00 (more towards 9 for Hiroo because of the connections), and
then to catch the 10:30 bus back I'll have to leave the meeting at
9:30.  Dinner at midnight....

So I would strongly prefer weekend meetings.  Saturdays are also better 
for me than Sundays at least until January.


                           Stephen John Turnbull
University of Tsukuba                                        Yaseppochi-Gumi
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