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Windows '95 memory leak

I've been forced to use Windows '95 because I need to use CuSeeMe.
It is crashing every hour when I use it normally.  It looked like
a memory leak.  So I did a search and found that there is a bug
in the kernel that is seen when using the Windows Sockets...

   Summary: June 24, 1996 Microsoft Releases Patch to Stop "Memory Leak"
   Bug in Windows 95 Microsoft has released a patch 
   designed to stop a
   "memory leak" bug with Windows 95 and Netscape, or other 
   that use Windows Sockets. Installing the patch will help 
   Windows to free all
   memory resources when you close Netscape and other 
   programs that use
   Windows Sockets.

So, I suck down the patch, but read:

   Do not install the Kernel32 Update on the English Pan European 
   version of Windows 95 or any other non-English version 
   of Windows 95. 

    Without this update, running a Windows Sockets application
    over a long period of time, especially one which opens and
    closes a large number of sockets, will result a significant
    resource drain. This can cause the Windows swapfile to grow
    very large, overall deterioration of performance, and over time,
    possible system instability.

Does this mean that Windows '95 J is still leaking memory?????


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