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Re: donegal fell into hyperspace and can't get up

In article <>, you wrote:
>NOT to do in the header of /etc/hosts.  I can't specify an IP
>address for my hostname because I'm only on the net when I dial
>up my provider, who allocates addresses dynamically, so I just 

You can add one.  Just pick one from the blocks of "disconnected
networks" like 172.16.xx.xx.  When you get a dynamically assigned
IP address during the connection it will be added to the routing
tables (and your machine will become something like
in addition to donegal :-).


P.S. I use this method combined with Linux's IP Masquerading.  All the
machines on my home LAN are 172.16.0.xx.  One makes a dial-up IP connection
to the net.  The others can then transparently talk through it for telnet,
WWW, FTP, etc.  Very slick.  I even go it a step better and make my dynamic
IP address available via the WWW and finger... so other folks can connect
back down the line to my gateway machine.
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