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 I'm having a problem with sendmail.
 I'm in the throes of upgrading from Slackware 2.2 to
Slackware 3.0 (kernel 1.2.13) using the April '96 Infomagic CD.
 sendmail just won't work.  Whether I try to use it directly, or
it is called by e.g. pine or mail, it just complains:

My host name (donegal) does not seem to exist!: Connection refused

and does nothing (mail just disappears).

donegal is in fact the hostname I have specified in /etc/HOSTNAME.
This was the behaviour before I had made any modifications to the 
system at all, though, i.e. on the very first boot (with the default
hostname 'darkstar').  I probably should add that I'm not installing
3.0 over 2.2, but installing to a clean, reformatted disk.

 This is not the way sendmail worked before and I need it badly.
Just to complicate matters, the sendmail manpage is a scrambled mess,
and no help at all.  I need help, gang.  Any ideas welcome.

 I have my mailing lists turned off right now (for obvious reasons),
so write me at please if you have any

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