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Fvwm 2.0.42

Something of an improvement over Fvwm 1.24.

Unfortunately, once again the configuration file's format has changed
(for the better) but I suspect it's not backward compatible (haven't
tried it).

Despite disclaimers in the manual, memory usage is not much bigger
than Fvwm 1.24.

Some of the configuration parameters are new.  In particular, there
are a couple of new focus options.  I've always used "click-to-focus"
because I tend to use small fonts, and the cursor obscures them.  So I 
can put the cursor on the root window where it's not a problem (can
you tell I've been using Emacs a long time when I don't even use the
mouse for cutting and pasting?)  Fvwm provides a "sloppy focus" model
where you can declare windows that never get focus and others that
only take focus with a click.  I don't know whether I'll like that
better than click to focus, but it's definitely better than "focus
follows mouse" for me.  The other one is "colormap follows focus" vs
"colormap follows mouse".  This is definitely the way to go if you've
got one of those nasty flashing apps like xv's schnauzer, I bet
(haven't tried it yet---need to convert the rc file before I'll use v2

There seems to be some other good stuff in there.  I'll let you

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