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Re: Samba

In article <>, wrote:
>I`m doing my work on the Linux Box , but I need NT to view
>some of my work .........
>Would Samba be the answer instead of FTPing back and forth all
>the time the same files

Yes.  Samba is really great.  It is what makes it practical to
use my Linux box in an office full of Win95/WinNT users.  I can
share (parts) of my directory trees and they look just like
WfWg/Win95/WinNT shares to the rest of the folks.  I can "smbmount"
their shares and treat them as part of my file tree.  I print to a
printer that is made visible by (shared) by a WfWg machine (an HP
LJ4 with a JetDirect card... yet another way of handling the printer
queue :-).

The Samba configuration file is *very* powerful and, at least to
me, rather cryptic.  Simple sharing and printing are easy, but
fancier stuff involving NT domain registration and different 
permissions for different groups/people is trickier.  However
given some examples in the documentation and a bit of watching
the Samba mailing list it is possible to do it.

Highly recommended for a Linux machine that shares a wire with
WfWg/Win95/WinNT boxes.

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo  <URL:>
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