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Re: Building a new kernel

Hi all,

Steve T. wrote:
>Obviously you're a kernel hacking newbie until you build a
>kernel---and for quite a while thereafter (like until you write a
>driver ;-)  That doesn't mean you don't know how to program.

Just to clarify things a little - the closest I've ever come to programming
is writing DOS .bat files and BASH shell scripts;-} I'm an English teacher
who just happens to like working with computers and thinks the Internet is
the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So when you say:
>Seriously, there's all kinds of newbieness; you might never have seen
>a man page because you'd programmed in Windows all your life, but
>still know the ins and outs of GNU Make because you use DJGPP (a port
>of the GNU C/C++ programming environment, including gdb, to the DOS

it's mostly Greek to me.

>One has to be very careful about what a given "newbie"
>may or may not know. 

In my case it's best to err on the side of "newbie".


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