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Japanese Input Methods

I found this in the Xemacs FAQ.  Some of it relates to our
Canna / Wnn discussion:

MORIOKA Tomohiko <> writes:
Wnn supports Japanese, Chinese and Korean. It is made by OMRON and Kytto 
university. It is powerful and complex system.
Wnn4 is free and Wnn6 is not free. 

Canna supports only Japanese. It is made by NEC. It is simple and 
powerful system. Canna uses only grammar (Wnn uses
grammar and probability between words), so I think Wnn is cleverer than 
Canna, however Canna users made good grammar and
dictionary. So for standard modern Japanese, Canna seems cleverer than 
Wnn4. In addition, UNIX version of Canna is free. (now
there is windows version) 

SJ3 supports only Japanese. It is made by Sony. 

XIM supports was made to use ATOK (a major input method in personal 
computer world. SUN bundled in Japanese version of
Solaris). Maybe few users uses it. 

Egg consists of following parts: 

    1.Input character Translation System (ITS) layer. It translates ASCII 
inputs to Kana/PinYin/Hangul characters. 
    2.Kana/PinYin/Hangul to Kanji transfer layer. It is interface layer 
for network Kana-Kanji server (Wnn and Sj3). 

These input methods are modal, namely there are mode, alphabet mode and 
Kana-Kanji transfer mode. However there are
mode-less input methods for Egg and Canna. Boiled-egg is a mode-less 
input method running on Egg. For Canna, canna.el has a
tiny boiled-egg like command, (canna-boil), and there are some boiled-egg 
like utilities. 

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