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Re: how to make quake sound work

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, James Ellison wrote:

> > Hi all.. sorry to post this to this list but I know some will be
> > interested.. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST!!  Send mail to me if you want..
> > anyway..
> > 
> > 
> > will cause quake to run in mono mode.. and will NOT cause a segfault..
> > ie work!

hisashiburi!  Genki?

Anyway, has anyone heard anything about the whether or not I need to
have the commercial version to run the Quake shareware version?


I just downloaded Netscape Navigator Gold for Linux and find that it
is a good WYSIWYG editor for Linux.  If you are like TWICS and have
gone over the edge with Open Standards, then your office is already
standardized on something like HTML or SGML for true platform
independence documentation.  With Netscape Navigator Gold and
Linux, your phone reception can now push that Mac into the gomibako.

Well, maybe....  ;-)   ;-)   ;-)

Net Nav Gold slows down with a large doc.  However, for that quick
one page office memo it is fine.  

I'm off to Yokohama to set up our new Yokohama node today.  :-)
I wonder if I can get everyone in the Yokohama office to use
Linux all the time for internal office work?  :-)  :-)  Nahhhh.....


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