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Re: httpd binaries

Hi all,

Well, I think I got the directory thing straightened out. You might find the
background interesting.

I didn't know where to put the cgi-bin so I logged on to my Harenet web
account did a 

po%find / -name cgi-bin -print 

and the answer was 


so that's why I put it in /usr/local. When I started reading the docs things
didn't make any sense, so I asked on the list if I was doing it right.
Thanks for all the responses. I think it's setup ok now in /usr/local/etc/httpd/

I'm beginning to understand why I've never been able to get any cgi stuff to
work off the Harenet server:-( I've wasted hours trying to get an imagemap
to work on my family page.

A final newbie question: which .rc file does it boot from? 

Thanks again.

Jim S.

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