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Re: linux and CGI

Hi all,

>Sure, you can install httpd on a stand alone box.  You will only be able to
>access it from a browser running on that box, of course.  But it should work
>fine.  Good luck!

Yikes, now I see why Nori said 'Good luck.' One question: after I unpacked
the tar file the httpd file was in the ~/src dirctory. I assume I was
supposed to move this out to ~/httpd_1.3R and ln -s to /usr/local before
setting up the ServerRoot Directive and then rm the ~/src directory, right?

(BTW no, I'm not planning on upgrading to 1.5 as I don't have a P 120 and
this is just a learning exercise;-) 

As always, your humble student,

Jim S.

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