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Re: Documentation

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I'm interested in buying this 4th ed. of the Linux Bible.  Are there any 
other people interested in a group buy?  Otherwise I'm worried that the 
shipping of this beast will defray the direct costs, and I might as well get 
it at Kinokuniya when it arrives.
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>From, on 6/29/96 4:02 PM:

On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Eli G Hunt wrote:

> Does anyone have or know of any paper copy documentation about setting up
> Linux, and maintaining it? Maybe even a hard copy of the Howto's or the
> Man files? Please respond if you do, thanks.

>>Go to Laser V or PlatHome in Akihabara and pick up a copy of the Linux

I just got this little ditty hope it is of some use.

Steve Casmar


Dear Yggdrasil Customer:

	This is an advance announcement of The Linux Bible, 4th Edition
for our existing customers.

	On July 1, the 1886 page fourth edition of _The Linux Bible_
will become the largest Linux book ever published.  The book also
includes a CD.  The increased size comes from forty-five new
"mini-HOWTO" guides (which are not currently published in any other
Linux book), many new and updated "HOWTO" guides, and updates to the
Linux Documentation Project "books."

	If you would like to see a detailed table of contents, please send
an empty email message to "" or visit the
Fourth Edition's web page at

	The fourth edition is still $39.95 (+$5 per order shipping
and handling), just like the the first three editions.  However, we
do have a bonus for you to reward your loyalty and encourage you to
stay on this mailing list.  Order before July 15 and get a free
"unofficial Red Hat 3.0.3" CD in addition to the CD in The Linux
Bible.  The unofficial CD is the Red Hat 3.0.3 release minus the
MetroX server, minus the disk images (you cannot install from a
notebook with this CD) and minus the live filesystem demo, technical
suport is sold separately.

	If you who want to be the first to have a "hot off the press"
copy of the Fourth Edition, please call toll free 1-800-261-6630 or
1-408-261-6630, or use the order form on our web page
( or send email to
You must mention this offer to get the free CD.  Enjoy!

Adam J. Richter				  Yggdrasil Computing,
(408) 261-6630				  "Free Software For The Rest of Us."

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