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Targetting sparc

>It is under Linux (libc 5.3.12) and SunOS Release 4.1.3-JLE1.1.3.  I
>assume you have GCC installed; do 'nm /usr/lib/libc.a | fgrep

Thanks for your help.

>    Darren> uses. Can someone tell me what that program is, so I can
>    Darren> make sure I include it when I reinstall.
>Probably groff(1) or nroff(1).  Other things that can go wrong

I think I forgot to install them first time. 
I reinstalled Linux yesterday from scratch, and basically installed
everything it offered. Everything works so far, though I think I installed
about half a dozen X servers before I realized what it was asking, so I may
have problems when I get round to setting X up.

I noticed when going through the man pages for gcc, that it can target Sparc
machines. Did I misunderstand this, or does it mean I can make a binary for
a Sun machine on my Linux machine?
Has anyone tried this - is it really just as simple as adding -mSparc  (or
whatever the option was) to the cc command?


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