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Hi y'all,

Hope you're enjoying the rainy season - it's been nasty so far in western Japan.

I've been having an interesting time with a Quantum Fireball 1.08 SCSI HDD
(it's the one daisey chained to the SB16 board - in my Compaq Prolinea;-) It
seems my friend who  installed it set the number of cylinders to 1042
instead of 1024 (I guess that explains why LILO never worked.) I tried
resetting the number of cylinders using cfdisk - but got an error 12 when
writing (also got a nasty message about a bad superblock.) He says he used
sfdisk - something I tried to check out using Altavista but got only 3 hits
- all in Japanese. I'd like to reformat it and set 2 ext2 Linux partitions
and a linux swap partition but have had no success at reformatting. Is the
original sfdisk getting in my way?

On another note, X_windows is still stuck in 16 colors:-( I'm using a Sony
Trinitron monitor with a Tseng ET4000/W32: RevB chipset. Superprobe reports
the first video is Super-VGA but MSD says I'm using VGA. The video adapter
is wired directly to the motherboard. Do I need to install a video card
instead? If I do, any recommendations? When I set up the Xconfig file I
skipped the clock speed setting - did I goof?

And you thought this was going to be a quiet weekend;-)


Jim Schweizer                JPS Solutions
Consultant                Education Services
Kunitomi 988-18        Tel/Fax:81-(0)86-272-0019
Okayama, Japan 703
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