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Red Hat Linux 3.0.3

Well, I'm impressed.

I thought I recognized 'RPM'; they admit they're based heavily on
BOGUS-Linux's PMS.  Of course, if you're gonna be commercial, I don't
think you could get away with calling your Package Management System
'PMS'....  'glint' is something else again---very nice.

I just killed off sendmail and installed smail (because it was the
default mailer on the particular Slackware distribution I installed
and I understand the smail configuration process, not because I have
anything against sendmail).  The smail installation was slick, direct
from by FTP.  Check the date:  I started the process
at 5:20, and if you get this mail, I must have done soemthing right!

I asked about a mule RPM.  Of course, it's available in the contrib
directory on Red Hat mirrors.  As far as I can tell you want to look
in .../RedHat/contrib/RPMS and .../RedHat/non-free.  Mosaic-2.7b1 and
glimpse-3.x are available in non-free.


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