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Re: Mail and Mule

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

	"I'm not really interested in using Pine since I'm not willing to
	give up mule as my editor..."

  Surely you don't have to give up mule, do you?  I use vi from Pine,
but you could just as easily use Emacs or presumably mule.

  Speaking of mule, can anyone point me towards the information I
need to set up Mule on my machine for Chinese and Japanese input
with the Wnn front end?  I read Japanese quite well, and have looked
and looked for the info I need, but I've yet to find it.

  If there is really a need for a proper FAQ on this, I would consider
writing one.  Any ideas or recommendations (particularly on the merits
of the various FEPs) would be most welcome.

Dennis McMurchy, 
Tojinmachi, Fukuoka

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