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re: Windows '95 MS Office or Freedom

On 31 May 1996 wrote:

> I don't see what's cross platform about Linux.  Because it runs on '386 and 
> '486?  Every MS app, os and server also runs tcp/ip, and runs on a half 
> dozen CPU's Linux doesn't, not to mention OLE functionality, cross platform 
> graphics and multimedia that are here today without recompiling.

There is nothing cross platform about Linux in particular.  I was
referring more to office policies.  

Enforcing a policy where all employees have to use Windows '95 and
MS Office in order to get their work done, builds in-house expertise
on using Windows '95.   The very fact that we have a mixed network
used for real work forces us to use procedures and skills that work in
this environment.  

The next jump in Internet use will be in integrating human resource
networks and work procedures into a virtual workspace.  I agree that
it is easier to do this if everyone is using Windows '95.  Hey, it
would be easier to do this if everyone used Macintoshes or any other
single platform.  

However, in the real world people use a variety of operating systems.
These people are our customers. 

Instead of telling employees that they cannot use Linux in their work,
why not set a policy where they have to submit their work in a common
format that is editable across platforms?  If Linux supports this 
format then use it.   MS Word is widely used, but it is not a standard
like SGML.  

While companies may be efficient now using MS Office and standardizing
on Windows '95, I feel that these companies will eventually become too
rigid in their thinking to adapt to change rapidly enough. 

Freedom breeds creativity and creativity is the seed of all solutions
in a rapidly changing world. 


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