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Tokyo Linux Users Group Meeting 28Jan

The next meeting of the Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) is
THIS SUNDAY.  We will meet at 12:00 noon, Sunday 28Jan, near
the police box and Burger King that are in front of Seibu's
BIG BOX department store in Takadanobaba.  BIG BOX is located
immediately southeast of the main exit of the JR and Seibu
Shinjuku line Takadanobaba stations (and one of the exits
of the Tozai subway line).  A map is available from

We will head over to The Spaghetti Factory for lunch and
a discussion of the latest developments for Linux, the most
popular of the free Unix variants.  After lunch, those
interested are invited to the nearby Data Stream KK offices
where there will be a couple of Linux PCs available for

The Tokyo Linux Users Group is a VERY informal group that
enjoys gathering occasionally for lunch, discussions, and
demonstrations (in that order :-).  You can find out more
from  You're welcome
to join us.

Jim Tittsler        
Data Stream KK
1-30-14 Takadanobaba 3F
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169

Phone: (03) 5273-5251

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